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Pet Vaccinations

One of the best things you can do to give your pet a good start in life is getting them vaccinated. Vaccines can prevent a number of serious and deadly diseases. Puppies and kittens need their shots because many of their systems are fragile and still developing. Vaccines protect them as they grow. Vaccines have … Read moreVaccinations


Surgery Room

Surgery is often the best way to treat many serious injuries and disorders, and Animal Hospital of Perth Amboy is proud to offer a wide range of surgical procedures. Our surgery specialties include: Soft-tissue Dental Foreign body removal Urine bladder stones Splenic tumors Patient safety and comfort is our main priority. We work hard to … Read moreSurgery

Spay & Neuter

Spay Neuter

Every year, thousands of stray animals are killed in shelters across the United States. Many of these deaths occur because owners failed to take the steps to sterilize their pets. Spaying and neutering can change this, and both can have health benefits for pets. Spaying Spaying is a common surgical procedure performed on female cats … Read moreSpay & Neuter



It’s a pet owner’s greatest fear – finding out that their pet has gone missing. Pets escape all the time. They run away and get lost, and, in many cases, their owners never see them again. This doesn’t have to happen to you. Animal Hospital of Perth Amboy hopes that you will microchip your pet, … Read moreMicrochipping

Urgent Care

Pet Emergency

Dr. Naum Dr. Polonskiy has more than 25 years’ experience treating the pets of the NY and New Jersey areas. Having spent the bulk of that time making house calls, he is well-versed in emergency care. His specialties include intestinal( foreign bodies), bladder surgery, and gynecology (such as pyometra). No one looks forward to the … Read moreUrgent Care

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