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Senior Wellness

Senior Wellness

Most dogs are considered seniors when they hit 7-years-old. Cats become seniors at age 9. Pets age much faster than humans. Diseases and illness take hold faster in older pets, too, and can do a great deal of damage if you don’t act quickly to address the problems.

To make sure your pet has the longest, healthiest, most comfortable life possible, Animal Hospital of Perth Amboy suggests you bring your senior pet for exams and blood tests twice each year. This way we’ll be more likely to catch any diseases in the early stages.

Senior pets need regular blood tests to track the health of their kidneys, liver, pancreas, and thyroid. Your vet may recommend a chest x-ray to ensure that the heart is a normal size and that there are no tumors in the lungs.

Our Senior Exams can also include the following services as needed for your pet:

  • Blood Work
  • Urine Analysis
  • X-Rays
  • Ultrasound

Dental exams are important, too. Dental disease is always a threat to our pets’ health and comfort, and it’s particularly tough on older pets. That’s why we make sure to include dental screenings in every senior exam.

And don’t forget to let your vet know about any worrisome physical or emotional changes you see in your pet.

To schedule a wellness exam for your senior, call us at 888-405-1738.

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