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Spay & Neuter

Spay & Neuter

Every year, thousands of stray animals are killed in shelters across the United States. Many of these deaths occur because owners failed to take the steps to sterilize their pets. Spaying and neutering can change this, and both can have health benefits for pets.


Spaying is a common surgical procedure performed on female cats and dogs. The process involves removing the patient’s uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes, making it so the animal cannot have puppies or kittens. Animal Hospital of Perth Amboy veterinarians think you should spay your pet at 6 months and ideally before a patient’s first heat.

Spaying means you’ll never have to deal with any unwanted offspring. Another benefit of the procedure is the prevention of mammary gland tumors and/or uterine inflammation in your pet.

What to expect after surgery

Your pet will need 7-10 days to recover from surgery. She may need pain medications to get her through, and she’ll most likely be sleepy for a time. She’ll get a small, green tattoo to prove that she’s been spayed should she ever get lost or taken to a shelter.


Neutering is performed on male cats and dogs. This process removes the animal’s testicles, making them unable to impregnate females. Your pet should be neutered when he is 6 months old. Older dogs can be neutered as well.

The benefits of neutering go beyond reducing the number of unwanted pregnancies. Neutered animals tend to be calmer and less aggressive. Neutering also prevents the development of testicular or perianal adenoma.

What to expect after surgery

Neutered pets are often tired and in pain for the first couple days after the surgery. It’s very important that you watch your pet closely to keep the animal from licking or biting their stitches. This lowers the risk of infection.

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